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Woodside: Memories (and tips) of a former laundry pro

Published Wednesday March 8

Photo: Almanacnews

Canada Cleaners in Woodside is a laundry service, but for at least a few mins. in 2011 it was a tailoring service as well.

Kathleen Hunnicutt, who recently sold that person dry cleaning business after 36 years, recalled a man walking into the person place and asking for some thread. He had a meeting to attend, he remarked and a collar button that he wanted to resew on to the shirt he was wearing.

Ms. Hunnicutt told that person she had what he needed, and offered to do the sewing herself if he would just take a seat. Which he did, with his shirt on, and Ms. Hunnicutt proceeded to sew the collar button back on as 2 customers watched.

I find that does a great job, she said.

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